ABHR Mar-Apr 2018

T he Mining industry requires conveyors to efficiently and reliably transport bulk material long distances across difficult terrain at high throughputs. These conveyors are technically complex requiring multiple drive units and a robust control philosophy to control motor torque and tension distribution throughout the conveyor such as Impumelelo (Thompson, 2016), Curragh (Steven, 2008) and Zisco (Nordell, 1997). The successful implementation of the conveyor depends upon the seamless integration of the mechanical design and the control system to ensure safe and reliable performance under all potential operating conditions. This paper describes the fundamental aspects and key principles of overland conveyor multi- drive control which must be understood by the conveyor designer and incorporated into the conveyor control philosophy. 16 Australian BULK Handling Review: March/APRIL 2018 CONVEYORS Fundamental aspects and key principles of multi-drive control of overland conveyors ABOVE: * BradLawson,MIEAust CPEng, isasenior mechanicalengineer forConveyorDynamics Inc. inWashingtonState, USA.Bradhasover18 years’experience inthe designandconstruction ofmajorbulkmaterials handlingprojectsand overlandconveyor systems fromthe engineeringstudyphases throughtodetailed design, installation, commissioningand auditing.Brad isan Australian,amechanical engineeringgraduateof UniversityofQueensland and,previouslyprincipal mechanicalengineer for LaingO’RourkeAustralia (formerlyBarclay Mowlem). MAIN IMAGE: Overland Conveyor(Ethiopia) By Bradley Lawson*